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Dominating The NPTE with Kyle Rice

Oct 28, 2017

The first piece of advice that I always tell my students is, "Make sure that you are asking the why questions and not just taking information off of face value." We do that too often.

Now that we are studying for one of the most critical exams that we will take in our PT career, it is vital for you to be a...

Oct 18, 2017

One of my most favorite topics. Confidence has such a big impact on tests scores. You already know that I come from a background where I wasn’t very confident. 

A background where I felt like I was the worst test taker out there. The person that you know just didn’t have it. Just wasn’t good enough. Just didn’t...

Oct 11, 2017

Do you ever start to think negative?

Do you start to feel that you're less confident with your daily activities or studying or understanding of topics?

Did you ever consider that your environment is affecting your NPTE score? Depending on your particular environment, my suggestion is to get the heck out of it NOW!


Oct 4, 2017

Let's go over the four types of students who fail the NPTE. What I want you to do this episode is to focus on these different descriptions and determine which category you fall into.

The reason why these types are so significant to me, the reason why I find so much value in these types is because I have seen all of...