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Dominating The NPTE with Kyle Rice

Feb 28, 2018

Do you feel that your next NPTE is the last NPTE for you?

Do you ever start to think...well I always have another attempt if I fail. If you believe this, then you need to listen up because that type of thinking will cause you to keep failing.

I have so many students that I speak to on a day-to-day basis that think like...

Feb 21, 2018

Do you fear success?

Sometimes when you have failed the NPTE numerous times you avoid getting hyped up about being successful. You don't want to jynx it... or if you aren't superstitious then you just don't want to be "cocky".

I have spoken with several students over the past few months who were worried about being...

Feb 14, 2018

Have you ever gone through a clinical rotation where your CI evaluates patients in like 15 minutes, and it takes you nearly an hour and a half to do the same thing? Plus you still get it wrong.... Haha

I have been there before...plenty of times. But I learned that "having more experience" isn't the best answer for why I...

Feb 7, 2018

There are many talks about how the new NPTE is much different than before. Not just the number of questions but the actual wording of the questions. Some folks even go far enough to say this a completely different test than it has been before.

Well, this can seem very accurate if you are not training like you will be...