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Dominating The NPTE with Kyle Rice

Mar 28, 2018

This past week in my Smart NPTE Prep Facebook Group I spoke to my members about achieving wild success on their NPTE. 

I asked everybody, "do you know what it takes to get wild success". I got crickets! But, do you know? 

It starts with putting in extraordinary effort each and every day when you are preparing for the NPTE. Avoiding the temptations of repeating the same study techniques over and over even though YOU KNOW they are not working or effective. 

I have found that when I put in extraordinary efforts, and I actively seek out any and every opportunity to help me succeed, I get AMAZING RESULTS!

Extraordinary actions helped me to achieve a 230 point scaled improvement in my overall NPTE score. It has helped several of my students achieve 100+ point improvements in their scaled scores in <12 weeks. Let me be the first to tell you, extraordinary action = extraordinary results. 

Listen to the podcast episode as I explain the value of extraordinary action.

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